aka ThomasWoodenRailwayFan13

  • I live in A house, where else?
  • I was born on July 16
  • My occupation is Listening to Music, Wooden Railway etc.
  • I am Male
  • ThomasWoodenRailwayFan13

    What do you think are the worst and/or wierdest ERTL Thomas? Mine would be:

    1. Flying Scotsman: He only has ONE Freaking Tender! What sort of joke is this?! A second tender would heve been better.
    2. Bluebell: ERTL can't really make real engines to well. City of Truro, Wilbert and Stepney were good. (I have Wilbert and City of Truro but not Stepney.) The Prototype was better, why did ERTL change?

    That's about it I think. Please comment.

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  • ThomasWoodenRailwayFan13

    What's you're rarest and/or oldest ERTL model? Mine would have to be the 1984 Sticker Face Thomas.

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