I know ERTL doesn't make Thomas stuff anymore, but I recently came up with some ideas for gift packs and I wanted to share them with other ERTL fans. Some of them have a theme to them, but others are just random ideas. The ones that do have a theme I'll explain what it is.

Two Packs

  • Oliver & Toad (They made gift packs of Thomas with Annie and Clarabel, and Toby with Henrietta. So, why not have one with Oliver and his brakevan?)
  • Arry & Bert (Twin Pack, just like the Donald & Douglas and Bill & Ben ones)
  • Splatter & Dodge (same case as Arry & Bert)

Three Packs

  • Thomas, Edward and Gordon (Blue Engines)
  • Henry, Percy and BoCo (Green Engines)
  • Duncan, Donald and Douglas (Scottish Engines)
  • Godred, Culdee and Lord Harry (Mountain Engines)

Four Packs

  • Gordon, James, Henry and Edward (Tender Engines)

Five Packs

  • Thomas, Percy, Duck, Bill and Ben (Tank Engines)
  • Diesel, Arry, Bert, Rusty and Mavis (Diesels)
  • Annie, Clarabel, Henrietta and the Express Coaches (Coaches)
  • Bertie, Terence, Trevor, Caroline and Bulgy (Road Vehicles)

Six Packs

  • Henry, Wilbert, Sixteen, Sodor Soft Side Truck and the Mail Coaches

Eight Packs

  • Oliver, Stepney, Diesel 10, Duke, Terence, Canal Boat and the Express Coaches

Ten Packs

  • Toby, Duck, Skarloey, The Diesel, Caroline, Bertie, Thumper, Henrietta and the Sodor Fuel Wagons

I'll add more ideas soon. Feel free to share your thoughts on these ideas and/or your own gift packs ideas.

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