• BiggestThomasFan

    As we all know, the packaging ERTL used for their models changed over the years. So I was wondering which of their packaging did everyone like the best.

    My favorite kind was the Shining Time Station one. Although the Portrait Cards one is a close second, the Shining Time Station packaging brings back the most memories to me.

    Feel free to vote and comment below on your favorite packaging.

    What was your favorite kind of packaging from ERTL? The 1985 one The 1989 one The Shining Time Station one The Portrait Cards one The Thomas and the Magic Railroad one The 2001 one The 2002 one

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  • BiggestThomasFan

    Gift Packs Ideas

    August 17, 2015 by BiggestThomasFan

    I know ERTL doesn't make Thomas stuff anymore, but I recently came up with some ideas for gift packs and I wanted to share them with other ERTL fans. Some of them have a theme to them, but others are just random ideas. The ones that do have a theme I'll explain what it is.

    Two Packs

    • Oliver & Toad (They made gift packs of Thomas with Annie and Clarabel, and Toby with Henrietta. So, why not have one with Oliver and his brakevan?)
    • Arry & Bert (Twin Pack, just like the Donald & Douglas and Bill & Ben ones)
    • Splatter & Dodge (same case as Arry & Bert)

    Three Packs

    • Thomas, Edward and Gordon (Blue Engines)
    • Henry, Percy and BoCo (Green Engines)
    • Duncan, Donald and Douglas (Scottish Engines)
    • Godred, Culdee and Lord Harry (Mountain Engines)

    Four Packs

    • Gordon, Jam…
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