The Spiteful Brake Van

First Released:

2003 (UK Only)



The Spiteful Brake Van was a troublesome brake van.


This unpleasant brake van took pleasure in Douglas' misfortune and launched a vendetta against him to have him sent back to Scotland. He was soon put in his place by Donald, and behaved better for a while, until he had another chance for mischief, this time with James as his victim. It was his ultimate undoing when he forced the Troublesome Trucks to hold back, and causing Douglas, pushing from behind, to smash him to pieces...with no chance of repatriation, thank goodness!


  • He is just named "Brakevan" on the packaging.
    • The name is also spelt incorrectly, as there should have been a space in-between the 'e' and 'v'.
  • His prototype model had the original pin coupling hook, where as the final product had the new u-hook coupling.


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