• Number: 1
  • First Release: 1997

Skarloey, is a very chipper, hard worker, who shares his duties with Rheneas . He is a proper engine who is dedicated to the narrow line and always eager to help out when he's needed.


Owen Bell Artwork Card:

A very chirpy engine. He shares the workload with Rheneas and, like Rheneas, is a hard worker. He is a very proper engine, dedicated to doing his job well and always eager to work. He became famous by bringing a train full of passengers home through the most awful weather even though he seriously damaged himself.

Historical Note

Skarloey is based on a narrow gauge, industrial tank engine, built in England in the 1860s.


  • Normal (1997)


  • The 1997 ERTL Catalogue shows that Skarloey's prototype model was painted in his RWS Livery with Red Paint and Blue stripes as opposed to his TV Series model


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