Sir Handel is an engine who works on the Skarloey Railway.

Sir Handel ERTL
Sir Handel
  • Number: 42
  • First Release: 1996


Owen Bell Artwork Card:

Brought up under instruction from Duke, the oldest of engines. Generally is of the opinion that he knows it all and should be boss. Given to the occasional tantrum and can be rather bad tempered, but gets on with the job none the less.

Historical Note

Sir Handel is based on a narrow gauge, industrial tank engine, built in England in the 1870s.


  • Regular (1996)
  • Metallic (1999)
  • Falcon (2002, UK only)


  • Since there was a model of Sir Handel as Falcon, there never was one of Peter Sam as Stuart, the most likely reasons being it would require changing his special funnel into a regular one or because the range was discontinued before ERTL had a chance to produce it.