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A happy, kindly engine but a little vulnerable. He is often teased by the others, but he loves them really. He, like Sir Handel, was tutored by Duke and has great respect for him deep down, despite teasing him about his age. A hard worker by nature, Peter Sam seldom grumbles about late hours or extra work.


Peter Sam was first named Stuart and worked on the Mid Sodor Railway along with Duke and Falcon. When the line closed, Stuart and Falcon were sent to the Skarloey Railway. Stuart was renamed Peter Sam, and Falcon was renamed Sir Handel. After Sir Handel's accident Peter Sam was told by Henry that if he was late Henry would have to go without the passengers. So then, Peter Sam was rushing for the passengers to get on board after their refreshments and accidentally left the refreshment lady behind. After that he realized it was only a joke. After that Peter Sam had some trouble with some trucks and the trucks broke his funnel. After that on one of his trips he was in a tunnel and his funnel hit an icicle and he had to use a drain pipe instead until his new funnel arrived. After his funnel arrived he was better than before and had a lot of more adventures with his friends on the Skarloey Railway.


  • Normal (1996)


  • Unlike the TV series and akin to The Railway Series Peter Sam's funnel is a proper Giesl ejector.
  • Peter Sam's Giesl ejector Funnel is flat unlike most other ertl engine's Funnels.