First Release:


His beautiful scarlet red coat and shiny brass dome sets James apart as an engine of distinction.


James was first introduced when he had an accident with some troublesome trucks when he was in his black livery. But after his accident he was repainted red to cheer him up. After, he was bumping some of the coaches and going too fast which made him get in trouble and a passenger was forced to give up his bootlace to fix the coach's coupling. After that, James was shut up in the shed for days until one day Sir Topham Hatt let him out of the shed and pull the express for Gordon. This time, James was careful with the coaches and did a great job pulling them. James had lots of other adventures like going on strike and pulling the trucks without any damages and is truly, a really splendid engine.


  • Sticker Face James (1984)
  • Plastic Face James (1990)
  • Gold Rail James
  • Limited Edition 50th Anniversary Metallic James (1995) (in a set only)
  • Keyring James
  • Miniatures James
  • Wind Up James


  • His Gold Rail Model is one of the few models to fit on HO/OO Track.