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Godred was the very first engine in the Mountain Railway. This made him rather conceited. One day he fell off the steep and dangerous tracks where he was supposed to be keeping a lookout. He could not be repaired so he was taken in pieces to the engine shed where his parts were used to mend the other engines.


Godred was built at Winterthur, Switzerland, in 1895. He was arrogant from the start, and believed that should he have any trouble his automatic brakes would save him. Barely a month after the railway's opening he came off the rails and was sent to the shed in disgrace and in peices. According to Culdee, he was subsequently cannibalised for his parts. However, the true nature of Godred's demise is debatable, as it was said the whole tale was made up; then again, all other canonical sources support Culdee's version of events, which only confounds things more.


  • Normal (1995)


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