Flying Scotsman
  • Number: 4472
  • First Release: 2001

Flying Scotsman is an A3 Pacific and Gordon's only surviving brother.


Flying Scotsman was completed in 1923, construction having been started under the auspices of the Great Northern Railway. He was built as an A1, initially carrying the number 1472. In the Railway series Flying Scotsman came to Sodor in 1967-8 to cheer his only surviving brother, Gordon, up. He had two tenders at the time he arrived, causing Henry to feel jealous.

In the television series

In the third season episode Tender Engines, Flying Scotsman's two tenders appeared poking out of a shed.

In The Great Race, Flying Scotsman meets Thomas at Vicarstown station, where he tells him and Gordon that he has been invited to participate in the Great Railway Show on the Mainland. At the show, he sees Gordon in his streamlined "Shooting Star" form and was shocked. He later competed in the Great Race, alongside Gordon, Spencer, Axel and Etienne. During the race, Scotsman tries to warn Gordon that he is overheating, but Gordon pays no attention to him until his boiler burst and could not finish. Despite trying hard to win, he finished the race fourth. At the end of the Great Railway Show, Flying Scotsman and Gordon return to the yard, where he admits to Gordon that his view on Sudrian engines has improved since their race.

Trivia in TV series

  • Both of his tenders had a coal bunker, which is impossible: Flying Scotsman's rear tender only carries water.


  • Normal (2001)


  • Flying Scotsman is actually his brother Gordon painted light green. Due to this, he has one tender (Unlike his basis) and oval buffers. It could also be done to prevent him from turning well since he is connected to his tender.


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