Falcon ertl out of box
  • Number: 3
  • First Release: 2002 (Falcon is basically Sir Handel)

Falcon was a Blue Narrow Gauge engine who worked on the Mid Sodor Railway with Duke & Stuart.


Falcon was an arrogant self-centered engine who believed that Duke was nothing but a fusspot and overbearing. He would earn a respect for Duke after he saved him from falling off the edge of a cliff. he was later sold to the Skarloey Railway where he was renamed Sir Handel.


  • Normal (2002, UK only)


  • Since there was a model of Sir Handel as Falcon, there never was one of Peter Sam as Stuart, the most likely reasons being it would require changing his special funnel into a regular one or because the range was discontinued before ERTL had a chance to produce it.


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