Falcon ertl out of box
  • Number: 3
  • First Release: 2002 (Falcon is basically Sir Handel)

Falcon was a Blue Narrow Gauge engine who worked on the Mid Sodor Railway with Duke & Stuart.


At first, Falcon was being self observent on the Mid Sodor Railway which made him derail off a cliff! But luckily Duke was behind Falcon just incase and with enough strength and determination Duke was able to pull Falcon back on the rails. Falcon after that he was grateful for Duke's help and was nice. Falcon and Stuart were fond of Duke and called him Granpuff plus teased him until they heard the story about Smudger and how he was turned into a generator. Then years later the line closed down and Falcon and Stuart were bought out and renamed Sir Handel and Peter Sam.


  • Normal (2002, UK only)


  • Since there was a model of Sir Handel as Falcon, there never was one of Peter Sam as Stuart, the most likely reasons being it would require changing his special funnel into a regular one or because the range was discontinued before ERTL had a chance to produce it.


More Info

Sir Handel

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