• Number: 10

Douglas, identical twin of Donald, is a fun loving chap those practical jokes can sometimes get him into trouble.

Character Bio

Shining Time Station Card:

Owen Bell Artwork Card:

Other than their name plaques and their numbers, Donald & Douglas are identical twins. They hate to be parted and enjoy a joke - especially when outsiders can't tell them apart. Their antics sometimes lead to trouble - but they're hard workers and particularly good at ploughing snow.

2001 Card:

2003/2004 UK Card:

Historical Note

The twins are 0-6-0 tender engines based on the 812 Class, built for the Caledonian Railway.



The Ertl Douglas model is a black steam engine with a long tender for coal and water. It was created only in a painted-on-metal face, and runs on six main wheels behind siderods, with six small wheels for the tender. The side windows are opened.

Measurements for the model

Scale (body length:length over buffers)



Leading 0 Driving 4 x 11mm Tender 2 x  7mm

Lengths (excluding plates - excluding buffers - all included)

Body 132mm

Running Plate

140mm Total 148mm

 (boiler/tank - cab and any connection - tender)

Body 54mm Cab 17mm Tender 61mm

Heights (from ground)

Body 32mm Cab 37mm Funnel 37mm




19mm Running Plate 27mm Cab 23mm
Body Shared With Donald
Face Shared With Donald

Differences from Basis

Differences from Books

  • The model is colored black as opposed to the Donald & Douglas is the later series, being colored black & blue.
  • The model also does not have the name tag that later in the series, Donald & Douglas do have, meaning that this model replicates the TV series model as opposed the the Railway Series model.

Differences from TV Series

Differences between Versions

  • The 2003/2004 UK version has a different scale.


  • Douglas (Normal, Painted Face) (1992)


  • Douglas has a Metal Face instead of plastic.