Bristol Siddeley Diesel 810 is a villainous diesel with a roof-top hydraulic grabber named "Pinchy".

Diesel 10 had been to Sodor a long time ago, creating problems for the steam engines. He chased down Lady - the engine who kept Sodor alive - and made her crash. In the years that followed, Lady's caretaker Burnett Stone took her into hiding, trying desperately, but failing to bring her back up to steam.


  • Diesel 10's model is a retool of Diesel 199's model and as a result is dated 1995. This causes him to be represented with a 1Co-Co1 wheel-arrangement instead of the Bo-Bo arrangement of his basis and character model.
  • His model has pink in the sides


  • "You'll be laughing on the other side of your boilers soon, silly steamies."

— Diesel 10, Misty Island Rescue.

  • *Diesel 10, upon landing in the sludge barge*

Diesel 10: "Oh, well, nice time of the year for a cruise."

— Diesel 10, Thomas and the Magic Railroad.


  • Normal (2000 painted face)