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Bluebell is one of the tank engines from the Bluebell Railway, along with her twin Primrose, Adams, Cromford, Captain Baxter and Stepney.


Bluebell had no name at first so her Controller gave it to her. He says it made Bluebell over-confident, but she still works hard. At present, Bluebell is in service after an overhaul, returning in time for the Branch Line Weekend in March 2011, whilst her twin brother Primrose is out of service awaiting an overhaul.


Bluebell was painted blue with white lining with a red nameplate with her name in gold when she was first acquired by the Bluebell Railway. In 1998, Bluebell was repainted in the livery she carried in World War I. As of March 2011, Bluebell is currently in a variant of the South Eastern and Chatham Railway pre-war livery, but with blue instead of green and "Bluebell" written in gold letters instead of "SE&CR".


  • Bluebell's model is simply a repaint of Thomas' model and is marked 1985. The prototype model is more accurate to the real engine as it actually had a crew member in the cab. This may have been the reason it was changed as ERTL thought it would be too delicate for small children to play with.
  • She is the second model to not have a face.


  • Prototype
  • Normal (1999)