February 2013

LATE AGAIN! Next time i'll try to be more active, and I have a great excuse for that! As most people wanted the new layout, I shall be editing every engine page to replace the old, with the new! :D Here was the vote count:

  1. Yes - 6 Votes
  2. No & Not Sure - 2 Votes each

I was expecting more of the not sure votes to appear, oh well i'll try to be editing on the weekends! ;) Oh, and this month's featured article will be James! Happy Nostalgia Day! :3 And this month's poll will be "What should next month's featured article be?" Make sure to vote! :) SirHandelFalcon Toot! Toot! 13:29, February 9, 2013 (UTC)

And another off-topic announcement, I just found out not too long ago that one of our administartors, Pan0013 has been globaly banned, with his account disabled. I'd like to commemorate him and his hard work on the Wiki, he added lot's of facts & images that showed us more about the Ertl line's history. I'd like to say Thank You, Pan0013, you helped the Wiki grow more than I imagined. May you have a good time off Wikia. :)

An also, thanks to every user who's contributed to this Wiki, soon our Wiki's 2nd birthday will be coming up, and I couldn't have done it without you! :) SirHandelFalcon Toot! Toot! 14:36, February 9, 2013 (UTC)

Oh, and I almost forgot, we will have a new featured article! :O It's... James! James will be this months featured article! :D SirHandelFalcon Toot! Toot! 13:23, February 10, 2013 (UTC)

It's the Thomas the Tank Engine ERTL Wikia's 2nd birthday! :D I'm surprised i've had users coming in for 2 years! :O Let's compare Thomas then: and Thomas now I'm amazed at how this Wiki has grown over the years!  Anyways, i'll fill you in on how I found this Wiki! A while back (two years to be exact! :P) I wanted to create a Thomas & Friends Merchandise Wiki, there was already Wooden Railway (Trackmaster Wiki wasn't created yet), so I was thinking, what brand of Thomas toys did I like most...And the answer hit me! A Thomas ERTL Wiki! So I go off, clicking the "Create a wiki" button. I started my first articles off with Thomas & Sir Handel. They were just getting started, and I added some pictures to them, until they were completed at night. In that duration of time, I wondered if any user would come and edit, but, about a day later, there was.

April 2013

Hi, I am very sorry that I have not been editing much, school has been eating up my time, along with other family related events. Though, to make up for all of it, I will try to be editing more over the summer, along with clearing out the Wiki.

May 2013

  • Now that school is almost over, I'll be editing more on the weekends, and cleaning up the Wiki a bit! :) As you can also see, I've deleted the above Announcements from 2011 - 2012, and complied them into an archive! That way, I don't have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to edit -.- as well as making it easier to find the latest news on the Wiki! ;) 
  • Now, poll results.
  1. Sir Handel - 10 Votes
  2. Duck - 5 Votes
  3. Gordon & Edward (Tied) - 3 Votes Each
  4. Bill & Ben (Tied) - 1 Vote Each

I was quite surprised that Sir Handel won! (I voted for Edward on this one, just because it seemed to flow nicely) So, Sir Handel will be the new featured article. The May Poll will be "Which Mettalic Character Waves Did You Like Best?" So, keep voting while I revive the Wiki, and have a nice day! :) SirHandelFalcon Toot! Toot! 13:58, May 18, 2013 (UTC)

July 2013

  • Sorry for the long, 2-month hiatus, I tend to be lazy during summer break :P. I'm trying to set up a Wikia schedule so that I can attend to this Wiki more often. I also appreciate the help the Wiki is getting! :)
  • Poll results -
  1. 1995 (Golden 50th Anniversary Thomas) - 11 Votes
  2. 1998 (Metallic Thomas, Metallic Percy, Metallic Duncan, Metallic Rheneas) - 5 Votes
  3. 1999 (Metallic Duke, Metallic Sir Handel, Metallic Rusty, Metallic Godred) - 3 Votes

I was somewhat surprised with the results (again). I always thought the 1999 metallic line was more interesting :P. Though, the golden Thomas definitely is a beautiful model, not to mention expensive. The July poll will be - "Which Was Your Favorite Model of the 2004 Year of Models (The Last Year of ERTL Models)?" And the Featured Article of the Month is Gordon! So, let's try to revive the Wiki (again)! :)

January 2014

Hello! Now that school is less intense, I can finally edit consistently again! Hopefully I can start up this Wiki again, all help is appreciated! :) SirHandelFalcon Toot! Toot! 17:59, January 28, 2014 (UTC)

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